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The band program at Olathe East takes a major trip every three years.  Students participate in a performance and visit the area's tourist attractions for about 4 days of travel.  

In April of  2024, the OE BAND went to NYC!  Stay tuned for announcements about our next voyage.

Our band has performed at Lincoln Center in New York City, Symphony Center in Chicago, parades through Magic Kingdom in Orlando, and even Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.  Any student enrolled in the band program may attend the trip. 

There are multiple fundraising opportunities to help pay for the trip.  We have even had students pay for their entire trip through fundraising! 

Every year the senior band students share their favorite band memory in a slideshow on the last concert of the year.  About 75% of those memories are experiences that students had on their trip! 

Be a part of this awesome experience!

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