District and State Honor Band

District Band is an audition honor band hosted by Kansas Music Educators Association. Our district includes all of the 6A schools in the Northeast corner of the State from Topeka to Kansas City. We host the auditions at Olathe East and there are over 1,000 students that audition just for band. The etudes are released by KMEA at the end of the school year and then the auditions are held in November of the following school year. Students prepare an etude and scales on their own oustide of class, usually with the help of a private teacher. The audition is a blind audition, where the judges cannot see the students auditioning. The students perform the etude and scales in addition to sight reading. Students who are selected and perform at District Band are then eligible to audition for the Kansas All-State Band. The music and process for State is the same as District. The auditions are in early January (sometimes before we are back from winter break) and are held at Salina Central High School. We bus the students down the Friday night before the auditions and stay in a hotel. The auditions usually last until late afternoon and then we bus back home.


2019 Results:



Maggie Clegg


Ethan Wootton




Courtney Crews



Sofia Valdez



Laurel Carder




Jeremiah Valenzuela

Caleb Hernandez

Ximena Leon


Alto Saxophone

Josh Laughlin



Aaron Bethel



Liam Courson



Luke Horsch



Jackson Hunter



Braden Black



Sam Hoyer



Jessie Fish


High School Band Alternates


Alt. 2 - Sydney Watson


Tenor Saxophone

Alt. 2 - Dylan Slocomb



Alt. 5 - Jacob Barbara

Jazz Band

Bari Sax

Alt. - Devan Griffin

2018 Results:

A big Congratulations to members of the Olathe East Band program that made the East Central District Honor Band! We had a record number of students selected this year with 25 students selected as either a member of the group or as an alternate. This is the culmination of months of hard work and we couldn't be happier for all of them! They will perform on December 1st at the District Band Festival hosted at Blue Valley High School.

Congratulations goes out to:

Courtney Crews—Piccolo alternate

Anna McGregor—Oboe

Jordan Flemming—Clarinet

Anna Carr—Clarinet

Ximena Leon—Clarinet

Jeremiah Valenzuela—Clarinet

Caleb Hernandez—Clarinet

Laurel Carder—Clarinet alternate

Bryan Kwon—Bassoon

Sophia Valdez— Bassoon

Emma Plank—Bass Clarinet

Josh Laughlin—Alto Sax

Aaron Bethel—Trumpet

Jacob Barbara—Trumpet alternate

Kristin Gjovig—French Horn

Luke Horsch—Trombone

Adam Kahnk— Tuba

Chayse Stegman—Mallets

Ethan Wootton—Snare

Braden Black—Snare

Sam Jerguson—Snare

Audrey Henkel—Mallets

Evan Kappelman—Tenor Sax, Jazz Band

Nolan Ralph—Trombone, Jazz Band

Nathan Byard—Piano alternate, Jazz Band