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With the help of our booster organization and extensive support from the school district, we are very fortunate to be able to outfit each student with a concert and marching uniform that will help us do exactly that. Part of the booster fee covers routine uniform cleanings, and other than that, there is no charge or rental fee for the uniforms. The exception to this would be for uniforms that have not been cared for properly and have incurred damage because of this neglect. In these instances the student will be responsible for any additional cleaning or repairs that are deemed necessary by the directors. A hold will be placed with the office and students will not be allowed to graduate until they have paid all uniform fees.

In addition to the uniforms supplied by the school district there are some uniform items that each student must purchase for individual use. These items are outline below. 

Marching Band

PURCHASE the following uniform components:

· Marching Band show shirt (obtained through the band office—this year it is at no cost thanks to Meyer Music!).  This must be worn under the uniform for marching season performances.  If we have performances on consecutive days, a t-shirt similar in color can be substituted.

· Marching Band shoes (obtained through the band office for $40 -checks made out to Olathe East).

· Black marching gloves for all non-percussionists (obtained through the band office $5- checks made out to Olathe East)

· Black socks (student provides– must be at least calf length and always worn with uniform).

The marching uniform provided by the school consists of:

•Uniform bag

•Marching pants, jacket and overlay

•Hat and box

•Storm jacket (only checked out if required by weather)


Concert Band

PURCHASE of the following uniform components: 

· Black dress shoes for all.  This can be handled individually, there will not be any type of group order.  However, black tennis shoes are not acceptable.

· Tux shirt and black bow tie for those wearing a concert tux. A group order will be placed through the school, and members will be required to pay for their own. If they still own a suitable tux shirt and black bow tie from middle school that still fits they may use that one instead of ordering a new one.

Upperclassmen members do not need to purchase any additional concert uniform pieces for their concert uniform provided that their tux shirt and concert dress shoes still fit.




Students are responsible for having a complete, clean, presentable uniform for all performances. This is part of each performance grade. Students may not be allowed to perform in improper uniform, at the expense of academic credit. If there are financial concerns please contact Mr. Smikahl directly so arrangements can be made.




For marching season, the uniform is stored in the band room, and student must arrive early enough before the performance to allow time to change.  At the end of each performance, the uniform is to be hung neatly on the hanger and returned to the band room to be ready for the next performance.



For concert season, the tux or dress is sent home with the student. At the end of each season, the uniform must be returned complete and in good order. The student will be billed for any missing parts. Furthermore, the student must turn in the same numbered uniform parts that were checked out. For example, if a student checks out jacket #1, but turns in jacket #2, that student is still responsible for jacket #1. Each student is responsible for keeping track of all parts of his/her uniform!


The concert band uniform provided by the school consists of:

•Concert tux jacket and pants (excluding shirt) tie & cummerbund

•Concert dress


Our uniform is a visible, public representation of OUR PRIDE! Each member must treat her/his uniform with CARE and RESPECT.


Disrespect to our uniforms is completely unacceptable—examples of this could include:

· Stuffing uniforms into lockers, car trunks, etc.

· Wearing visible jewelry, hats/ballcaps, sunglasses, or other accessories.  In cold weather at football games, plain blue, black or OE hats are acceptable.

· Partial wearing of a uniform. You are not to be seen with jackets unzipped, pant straps hanging loose, tux shirts untucked, etc.

· Wearing any socks besides plain, calf-length black socks with the marching uniform or concert tux.

· A reminder: any damage caused by student neglect is the responsibility of the student. These fines will be turned into the office and the student will not be allowed to graduate until these fines have been paid.


Why make such a big deal about the uniform?  It's simple – the uniform identifies you as a member of our group, and it is up to you to represent our group in the most positive manner possible. These guidelines help you do exactly that.

If we take off helmets or storm jackets at a performance, make sure no one takes yours by mistake, and don’t take someone else’s. When the time comes to turn in uniforms, you’re still responsible for turning in the exact numbered items you checked out.


Take a few minutes the day before a performance to check through your uniform. Are you missing buttons? Is your zipper not working on your jacket? Come early to have any problems fixed, because there is not time to fix them once everyone reports and the activity begins.


 “Before any audience hears us play a note, they’re going to SEE us, and form an impression from what they SEE. That impression will reflect on everything else we do as we perform. When the audience sees YOU, what impression will they form?”




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