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At Olathe East we use a web-based program called Charms which helps us with multiple areas of the program. We use it to track students accounts for trips.  It is crucial that both students and parents are very familiar with this program so that they can stay informed. Below are instructions on how to access Charms. Mrs. Creek is our resident Charms expert so if you have difficulty accessing your account please contact her.  I should add that in the past we used Charms for the calendar and email, but we have transitioned away from that.  Please refer to the calendar page of the website for the up to date band calendar.  And we will be sending emails through the grade book.


How to access parent information:


Log on to


Locate the “PARENT/STUDENT LOGIN” section of the web page.

Login to your child’s program account using the following login:



This will bring up the main parent page. For what we use Charms for this page will not be particularly helpful.  Please follow the next steps for the more important information.


When you enter your child’s ID NUMBER, another more detailed screen appears with even more options to view your student’s uniform assignments, music assignments, financial records, forms and inventory.  Enter your child’s ID FIRST – then if you wish, you may create your own, unique password by clicking on the “keys icon”


Area in which you will want to know:

Credit card payments for fees, trips and deposits to your student’s account. Some of our fees (like our trip fees) are payable electronically. This is where this is done!


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